Hand made Glass Dab Plate ©®  ID #6716461765

Hand made Glass Dab Plate ©® ID #6716461765

1 Pound



Glass Dab Plate


Product ID #: 889450326

         -Round: A

         -Square: B


  ~ Use for your dabs ~


-Prevents loss of dab(s)

-Put your dabs onto.

-easy to heat and melt your dab(s) in 1 place 

-Store your dabs onto

-Easy clean up

-Non messy

- Other

Diameter is:   Approx 8 Inches



Please Note:

~Not for use on stove top burners/ burners

~Image isn't highly bright as in the pic. It is slightly toned down abit so that you are able to see your product on the glass

This item will be ongoing and restocked as needed



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